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Frogtown Fosters

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Supporting positive outcomes for orphaned or underaged kittens

Frogtown Fosters is a non-profit organization based in Bel Air, Maryland. Our focus is on the care and support for kittens newly born through adoption.  

Our home-based foster program works with local organizations to care for the youngest and most vulnerable felines: the neonatal kittens.  

With protocols established over years of collective experience and veterinary consultations our organization promotes the best possible outcome for each kitten.  

Frogtown Fosters relies on donations and volunteers to follow our mission.

2023 was an eventful year for Frogtown Fosters! Taking in over 200 kittens, our fosters were busy raising these tiny bundles for their new families. Of the kittens taken in, 60% were found and 19% were transferred in from other organizations. Over the course of the year we celebrated 152 adoptions!

Kittens orphaned or separated from mom have a lower survival rate. The mortality rate in kittens orphaned prior to 12 weeks is 15-40% (Hoskins JD. Veterinary Pediatrics: Dogs and Cats from Birth to Six Months, ed 2, WB Saunders Co, Philadelphia, 1995.) 


For 2023, Frogtown's mortality rate was 18%. We always encourage keeping kittens with their mothers as long as possible for their best chance of survival. But in the event that is not possible, Frogtown Fosters is here to help.

Why We Are Here

Founder & President

Patti Parker

With nearly a decade of experience with neonatal fostering for area organizations Patti's passion for the "lost cause kitten" has saved hundreds of kittens.

Being obsessed with kittens as a child she has always looked for a way to make a difference to a population that is often at most risk as the routinely require more resources than older kittens or cats.  

Patti incorporated FF in the Spring of 2022 after years of working with area rescues. She and her partners are dedicated to creating consistent protocols to save kittens and give them the "best shot" at a healthy and happy life in a forever home.

She resides in Bel Air with her family, and is the Director of Sales and Marketing for Hilton Hotels, locally.

Vice Presidenet

Megan Conway

Meg Conway has never been without a cat. Rescue is in her blood. Her first cat, Mama was rescued by her parents before Meg was even born. The rest, as they say, is history. Through every event in her life there was always a feline companion by her side.
Now, the GM of To Wag For in Bel Air, MD and Santa Monica, CA she’s added dogs as a part of the picture. Working with various rescue groups the idea was beginning to spark that this is something she could do. She could help and make a difference.  Almost 2 years ago she met Patti Parker and Erin Hughes and more and more that spark began to turn into a flame.
Frogtown Fosters is a spark made into reality. Meg is honored to be apart of such an amazing group. As one of two members who wake up throughout the night to bottle feed and love, a mother of 2, a wife, and the GM of an amazing business the exhaustion is real but totally worth it!

Board Member

Erin Hughes

Board Member

Lisa Carpenter

Lisa has spent many years volunteering with area rescue organizations, in roles as varied as volunteer, foster, medical team, Adoption Coordinator, and VP/Board Member.  Like Patti, she recognized the need in Harford County for an organization to focus on the unique requirements of the neonatal kitten.  When asked to help build Frogtown Fosters, Lisa jumped at the chance to join Patti and her team to support this most "at risk" kitten population.

Lisa resides in Bel Air with her two cats, Buddy & Gracie.  She is retired after nearly 30 years in the consumer packaged goods industry.  She now spends most of her time trying to make a difference for these vulnerable kittens and the people who care for them.

Board Member

Renee Martin

One of Renee's favorite childhood memories is befriending the stray in the fields behind the house and carrying her back to the house - a new member of the family. Since then, Renee has always had a cat in her life. 

Renee began fostering with Frogtown in 2023, taking on bottle babies who need round the clock feedings and those in the process of weaning. When asked to join the board, she readily accepted, excited to be a member of such a wonderful non-profit. 

Mom to several cats (including two Frogtown alum), two dogs, a few reptiles, a hamster, and a horse, Renee spends most of her time with her furry family. However, that doesn't stop her from giving as much as she can to help the neonatal kittens who need loving care. In her professional life she is an insurance underwriter for an export bank.

Our Kitten Ladies

Want to help save kittens' lives? Become a foster parent and help us care for our kittens as they grow! Click here to learn more about our fostering program.


We rely on support from our community to continue to save kittens.  Use our secure donation portal to support our mission. 


 Learn about kitten care and how to help kittens in need. Click here to access our educational resources.

We care for the littlest ones of all.

How To Adopt

1. All applications are reviewed to find the best match for the individual needs of each cat/kitten being adopted.

2. Preference is given to qualified adopters that apply to adopt kittens in pairs, or into homes with another young cat already in the residence, rather than as single kittens.

3. All animals in the household must receive regular vet care and be up-to-date with age appropriate vaccinations. Please let your vet know that we will be contacting them to complete a vet reference check.

4. All animals in the household must be spayed or neutered unless there’s a medical reason not to.

5. If you are a renter, you must provide a copy of your lease’s pet policy or a letter from your landlord indicating you are allowed to add a cat to the household.

6. We do not allow our cats to be declawed, and a “no declaw” provision is included in our adoption contract.

7. Our kittens are intended to be an indoor only pet.

Kittens under 6 months: $150
Older Kittens/Adults: $125
A discount is offered for adopting in
Adoption Fee includes:
* Spay/Neuter
* FIV & FeLV combo test
* Up-to-date vaccinations
* Deworming
* Flea treatments
* Microchip (with lifetime registration)

Adoption Center:
To Wag For
8 N Main Street, Bel Air

Thank you for your interest in adopting from Frogtown Fosters. Please review our adoption policies below before requesting an application.

If you have any questions, please contact us at for more information.

Adoption Policies
Adoption Fees

Your Donation Matters!

Your donation goes directly to supporting our mission and funding towards supplies and veterinary care. 


Support can come in many forms.  Donations of supplies are vital to our fosters and to the care of the kittens.

Amazon Wish List

Items on our shopping lists are carefully chosen and are updated regularly to meet the needs of our tiny kittens.

Chewy Wish List

Help animals & rescue organizations -- consider fostering! We help you through it!  All you need is a little space, patience, and a lot of love.

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